The modern, mainstream Christian church, assures us that it has the answers to these questions and many more. The scriptures when interpreted correctly, assure us that they DO NOT! The Remnant Bible Study Resource is a site dedicated to revealing the truth of God's Word. The truth at ANY COST! Yes the truth will cost you something - maybe everything you know or believe. We hope and pray that your journey of truth might start here with us.
Yes, there are questions that need to be raised AND answered. Why on earth would an all wise and all knowing God create a race of people in his own image, that would immediately fail his standards? Why would He then torture countless billions of men, women and children in the fires of eternal Hell for a failed experiment that he himself created?
And what of those who simply cannot believe the Bible because of the inane pseudo sciences and scholarship employed by so called enlightened Christian experts world wide. Ridiculous unscientific and unscriptural teachings such as "global flood" and "young Earth creationist" theories are a pervasive cancer that have indoctrinated themselves within mainstream Christian teachings. And yes, these theories ARE unscriptural!
Non believers are being turned off by the millions too. Sickening images of T.V. Evangelists selling "get rich quick" schemes and preaching a carnal prosperity doctrine that has no place in scripture, is turning the stomachs of anyone even vaguely interested in what the Bible has to offer.
There is a growing restlessness within the Christian church. Questions are being asked for which there are no answers. The drudgery of mediocre church life is taking it's toll and the rot has truly set in. This dissatisfaction is often an unspoken one. It is certainly not something that is talked about openly in church circles for fear of causing disunity. You've probably been told that YOU'RE the problem right?
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