The team at Remnant.
We continue to do our best to direct our readers to reliable resources that might provide legitimate answers to some of Christendom's most troublesome questions. We wish you all the best. May God bless you.
We do not consider ourselves infallible however. Any good scholarship is subject to constant review and as such, we consider our own study notes as a living, breathing body of work, welcoming of comment and criticism.
The Remnant Bible Study Resource is a growing Ministry, dedicated to sourcing theological and doctrinal articles of the highest scholarship (although much of it controversial) on the subject of the Christian scriptures known as the Bible.
Most of what we promote here is in complete conflict with mainstream Christian orthodoxy. There are good reasons for this however. Much of the current mainstream Christian theology and doctrine formulated and taught from the English translations of the Bible, is incongruous to the original meanings and intentions of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.
As a result of this, we believe Christians the world over are basing their entire Christian walks upon corrupted doctrine and flawed theological concepts. Worshipping God in "Spirit and in truth" is of utmost importance, yet how many of us are doing so today?
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