when it states that:
Origins of sin and evil thumbnail
Contrary to popular Christian teaching, God's plan to create man in His image did not fail when Adam and Eve sinned  in the Garden of Eden. Christian Theologians fail to believe the scriptures when it states clearly that...
"..the creature (creation) was MADE subject to vanity (depravity) NOT willingly, but by REASON of HIM (God) who has subjected the SAME in hope.. " (Rom 8:20)
Could it be, that God in his wisdom intended for mankind to sin? Perhaps only then can we begin to understand the profound reason that Christ was "..slain BEFORE the foundation of the world" (Rev 13:8) Yes indeed, God IS in control of his creation!...read
Sheol thumbnail
The word "Gehenna" has been erroneously translated "Hell" in most Bible translations. Few are aware of it's true origin and meaning however...read
Gehenna thumbnail
Exposing the pagan origins of the Christian Hell
Freewill the real matrix
Most Christians believe in the false notion that mankind is in control of his own destiny...read
The doctrine of "free will" is one of the most contentious theological issues in all of  Christendom.
T H E  G R E A T E S T  L I E  E V E R  S O L D   I   T H E  G R E A T  H E L L  H O A X
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The Old Testament scriptures are not acquainted with the concept of condemned souls and eternal damnation as taught by Christendom. As far as the Hebrew scriptures are concerned, "Sheol" (Hell) means little more than the restful state of the dead in their graves...read
The New Testament word "Hades" is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew "Sheol." Being synonymous in meaning, neither of these words are used in the scriptures to signify punishment after death...read
Are the dead in Christ currently walking the "streets of gold" in Heaven? Is Hell overflowing with the writhing souls of the damned? Not if you believe the scriptures!...read
T H E    R E A L   O R I G I N S   O F   S I N   &   E V I L
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T H E  L A K E  O F  F I R E  PT.2
T H E  L A K E  O F  F I R E  PT.4
Lake of Fire Part 2 elements of fire small thumb
The symbol of FIRE is used ubiquitously throughout the Scriptures to describe not only the nature of God's judgement's upon mankind, but also the very nature of God Himself - "for our God is a consuming fire" (Heb 12:29)
Far from epitomizing the foreboding evils  and unspeakable dreads of a future subterranean underworld, "FIRE" itself, is the very means by which God dispenses His "righteous" judgement's, upon a world so in need of the "cleansing" and "purifying" agent of the flame...read
T H E  L A K E  O F  F I R E  PT.3
The symbol of the "sea" is used frequently throughout the Scriptures in reference to the "great multitudes" - all peoples and nations of the earth. Jude likens the throngs of sinning masses to the "raging waves of the sea" (Jude 8-13)
It is not surprising then, that God in His wisdom deals with the pestilence of sin and evil within the confines of a symbolic body of water - namely a "lake" mingled with another element - "fire"...read
Lake of fire Part 3 small thumb
Gods judgments upon to the world of men are not just restricted to the unconverted masses at the end of the age - on the contrary. Most Christian teachers of the Word fail to heed the Scriptural warnings of a more imminent  judgment taking place on Earth - RIGHT NOW.
These  judgments sit not upon the raging seas of the unconverted however - rather they are directed at another group of people upon the Earth...THE CHURCH!...read
Lake of fire Part 4 small thumb
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Today, a whole doctrine based on the "lake of fire" is fervently preached. Few understand it's real meaning...read
If the consequence of death meant (as theologians teach today) "eternal torture in a lake of fire" than God utterly failed to warn them of it! 
In the first pronouncement of the "wages of sin" regarding Adam and Eve, there is NO mention of "eternal torture," on the contrary a sentence only of death and a "return" to the soil.
Lake of Fire Part 1 John the revelator small thumb
T H E  L A K E  O F  F I R E  PT.1
E X O D U S  T O  E X I L E  PT.1
Leaving the church is one of the most daunting aspects of journeying the narrow path of truth. It is a lonely road, often attracting disapproval from those we are closest to. "Coming out" from carnal Christianity has it's rewards however. It is only through suffering and chastisement that we are counted as Sons and Daughters, set apart for the hope of election in the Kingdom of God. True Christianity is NOT for the faint hearted!...read
E X O D U S  T O  E X I L E  PT.2 
The catch cry phrase "come of of her my people" has a long history in regards to those Christians striving to separate themselves from the corruptions of "religion." Historically, denominations the world over have formed on such a command - only to find themselves becoming BABYLON for the next generation of Come-outers. Christians are rarely taught the spiritual application of this explicit command, one that is shrouded  in rich symbolism...read
The New Testament scriptures are explicit in their instruction to leave behind the OLD COVENANT for the NEW. Too many Christians today are trying to live a better, newer version of the LAW instead of obeying the spiritual mandate to live in the Spirit. It is a new life "not according to covenant that I made with their Fathers" (Heb 8:8-9) The depths of this delusion goes beyond "man made" religion however. Indeed they are the very "depths of SATAN"...read
Today, Christianity puts huge emphasis on "end times"  ministry, investing heavily on theological concepts unknown by the many authors of the Bible. Books explaining "the beast," or the rise of "the Antichrist" fill the shelves of Christian bookstores the world over in the effort to prepare the saints from the coming wrath of God. If only they taught the real meaning of these potent spiritual IMAGES...read
U N V E I L I N G  T H E   D I V I N E   P L A N   O F   G O D
C A N  Y O U  H A N D L E  T H E  T R U T H?
&  T H E  R E A L  D E S T I N Y  O F  M A N K I N D
PT.1  T H E  H E L L  O F  T H E  O L D  T E S T A M E N T
PT.2  T H E  H E L L  O F  T H E  N E W  T E S T A M E N T
PT.3  T H E  H E L L  O F  T H E  N E W  T E S T A M E N T
E X O D U S  T O  E X I L E  PT.3
E X O D U S  T O  E X I L E  PT.4
P T.1  S A T A N   I N    T H E  O L D  T E S T A M E N T
Just who or what is SATAN? Christendom today is quick to point to a devious arch enemy called "Lucifer" after he rebelled in heaven and tempted Adam and Eve thus ruining God's perfect creation right at "the beginning."  The Old Testament Scriptures teach no such thing however. On the contrary, they instruct that all the evils in this world are attributed to one source only - GOD HIMSELF! Who created Satan and why? The scriptures clearly teach that the SERPENT of old, is a tool in the hand of God Almighty...read
P T.2  T H E   S E R P E N T   D E V I L
Tired of church
There is a growing realization within the ranks of Christendom, that some-how, something is wrong. It is an unspoken unease, but a growing one nonetheless. But why?...read
E  T  E  R  N  A  L     C  O  N  S  E  Q  U  E  N  C  E  S
Unbeknownst to most Christian Pastors and teachers,"eternity" and "timelessness" are Non-Biblical concepts. All learned Scholars agree that there is NO single word in either the Greek or Hebrew scriptures that express the abstract  idea of ETERNITY. The consequences of this theological oversight in relation to the very character of God and the purpose of creation, are unparalleled...read
The Biblical truths regarding death and the constitution of  man's soul and spirit have long been forgotten. The generally accepted mainstream view of  "the immortal soul" has NOTHING to do with scripture, but everything to do with the pagan traditions from which it sprang.
W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  R E M N A N T
W H A T  F A I T H  S H A L L  H E  F I N D ?
A   S C R I P T U R A L   I N S I G H T   I N T O 
M A N S   C H O I C E S   I N   R E L A T I O N 
T O   G O D' S   P U R P O S E S
T H E  T R U T H  A T  A N Y  C O S T !
T H E  M O T H E R  O F  A L L  R E V E L A T I O N S
"S H E O L"  &  T H E   R O O T S  O F  P A G A N I S M
"H A D E S,"  "T A R T A R U S"  T U R N I N G   T O   M Y T H S
"G E H E N N A  F I R E"
W H E N C E   E T E R N I T Y ?
T H E   D E A T H   O F   S O U N D   D O C T R I N E
T H E  S C R I P T U R A L  S T A T E  O F  T H E  D E A D
A N D  T H E  R E A L  M E A N I N G  O F  "S O U L"  &  "S P I R I T"
T H E   P O T E N C Y  O F  S Y M B O L I S M
T H E   E L E M E N T S  O F  F I R E
T H E  C A L M I N G   O F  T H E   W A T E R S 
T H E  H E A V E N S   A N D   T H E   E A R T H
T H E   L O N G   W A L K   T O   F R E E D O M
C O M E   O U T   O F   H E R   M Y   P E O P L E
F R O M   D E C E P T I O N   T O   D E L V E R A N C E
E N M I T Y   A G A I N S T   G O D
D E C O N S T R U C T I N G   T H E   M Y T H S
   O F   T H E   O L D   W O R L D