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In this introductory article, we outline the intentions of Remnant Bible Studies and the reason for it's conception. We discuss little known scriptural revelations regarding today's post apostolic church age and their alarming insights.
We also look into the growing unrest that is starting to develop within the ranks of Christendom and why some Christians are starting to question the methodology and practices of their churches. Is this the result of complacent, "lukewarm" Christianity, or rather a sign of a silent awakening taking place?
All the world over, God is calling out individuals from the matrix of deception, into the revolutionary truths of his word - truths long since forgotten by Christian teachers and scholars. We now stand at the moment of study notes
W H A T  F A I T H  S H A L L  H E  F I N D ?
Welcome to THE REMNANT. If you're a first time visitor, all this information may seem a little overwhelming. We would like to give you a few tips on how to navigate your way around the articles and resources on this website.
Firstly, we suggest you read our INTRODUCTORY ARTICLE (opposite) for a brief insight into the nature and purpose of this ministry. You will notice at the  BEGINNING of this paper (and all following papers) that there is a link to the NEXT article. All of our own STUDY NOTES are sequenced in such a way as to guide the reader from one foundation of understanding to the next. We recommend following the articles in sequence and using the ESSENTIAL READING resources for further study.
The articles and resources are somewhat scholarly in nature and very comprehensive. We are not trying to be pretentious, we simply strive to be as accurate with our information as possible. As far as your own journey goes, you are going to have to "study to show yourself approved.. Workmen... rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim 2:15).
This will take commitment. You WILL have to work for it, to work out your understanding. But we trust that the revelation of these new concepts, inspired by God's Spirit, will resonate within you as he reveals to you - His truths. Ultimately, the changes it will induce in you will be REAL and tangible. It will be like a light in the darkness, as God starts connecting those dots within you, that you have never been able to connect before. Remember, you are NOT alone on this journey. We too continue to walk in faith, believing the Lord, to direct our footsteps...follow us here.
God bless

The team at REMNANT
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