However, for those who simply don't have the time to research every article or resource, we have made available our own personal Bible studies, compiled from numerous articles via the websites we promote or endorse. They are in effect a "best of" containing in our opinion, only the most thorough Bible scholarship. We have made some changes for the sake of continuity and flow, but all in keeping with the integrity of the original writings and their authors intentions. As such, we take no credit for the wealth of wisdom in these articles. We highly recommend you read the original articles in full (see the intro pages before each study) and visit the associated websites.
The primary purpose of The Remnant Bible Study Resource, is to provide links to some of the best online Bible resources available, focusing on sound scriptural teaching and true doctrine. We encourage you to explore these websites and their extensive content.
Ray Smith's "Bible Truths" is without a doubt, THE benchmark for Bible scholarship and should be the first port of call for any truth seeker. Uncompromising and exhaustive, Ray exposes the error and false doctrines of Christendom like no-one else can. A truly inspiring body of work, Ray's "Lake of Fire" series is arguably the most important Bible commentary on the internet today.
Gary Amirault's "Tentmaker" is a great online resource regarding universal reconciliation and other matters of faith. Be sure to check out the "Scholars Corner" under the research section of the website.
J. Preston Eby's "Kingdom Bible Studies" is an insightful body of work uncovering and explaining the symbolism and allegories of the scriptures. Extensive and ground breaking, these studies add much detail to little understood portions of scripture. Be sure to check out "The Saviour of the World Series."
"Is Was & Will Be" is another great site dedicated to uncovering the hidden meanings of the scriptures and explaining the truths of God's Word.
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"The Differentiator"  is a must read resource for every serious student of the Word. Included, are the invaluable insights of Alexander Thomson and co, who's earnest and unflinching quest for the truth CANNOT be underestimated.
"The Evangelical Universalist" is a forum based ministry where like minded believers can discuss all that is UR as well as other topics - a great study resource for those wanting to stretch their theological horizons.
"God's Kingdom Ministries" offers sound insight into difficult and seemingly abstract areas of Christian theology. Concise for those who need quick answers but also thorough enough for those dedicating themselves to complex doctrines. Higlhly recommended.